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Siclo is a development studio established in Vietnam and France by experienced engineers.
The mission to deliver premium services to customers across the globe in different industries


About us

Who are we

We are a team of experts (Engineers, Designers and Business people)
sharing a strong interest in solving complex challenges with Technology.

What we do

We select and use the best technologies to create custom solutions
that support your business, help you secure revenue and optimize
your operations today, with tomorrow in mind.

How we do

We hire talented professionals, and provide them with a technical
& humane environment where they can unleash their full potential,
understand your challenges and help you solve them.

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We differenciate

Customer focus culture
Emphasis on results
Cost efficiency
Technical expertise
Flexibility & responsiveness
Values & Ethics

We design and develop solutions based on the deep understanding of our customer’s needs: before writing any line of code, we always invest time to discuss the project objectives, analyze (& clarify) requirements and propose improvements.

Once we commit, your project becomes ours and we will work to make it successful. Part of our work is to deliver clean code (even if you never look at it) and establish clear communication so you get the best customer experience possible and can recommend our services.

Having established Siclo in Vietnam makes it possible to hire talented local engineers and develop quality products at an affordable cost. It also allows us to scale your team quickly to meet a deadline.

We have spent countless hours to survey, implement and test what Technology has to offer, and this experience will benefit your project. We approach every project with an eye on available open source resources to reduce time to market and cost (we ourself contribute to the open source community and run internal R&D projects).

We can start working on your project immediately. You will have a single point of contact to manage all aspects of the project & coordinate the work of dedicated team members who all speak English and/or French.

We promote a a transparent approach to ensure high performance. We put a special care in creating a working environment where people can thrive and challenge their own limits.

Siclo review today

Our office is a place where magic happens: to capture this energy flow (and because we are engineers), we have installed different types of sensors (light, noise..) in strategical office spots. Connected to the internet via ESP8266, they live feed our IoT dashboard and give you the “Beat” of our VN Office.
This R&D project was realised in collaboration with FabLab Saigon.

Temperature indoor
Coffees poured
Decibel of noise
Main door opened