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As a software company, keeping up with Tech trends is an important part of our work. So we thought that it could be a good idea to do the extra mile, package the results of our watch, add our experts insights and create a blog for the whole community. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get this content directly in your mailbox !


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Find out how Siclo collaborated with Vietnam-based marketing agency, Digital Mekong, and the testimonial of Laurent Nguyen, CEO, on his experience working with Siclo.

time 5 mins

Augmented & Virtual Reality: Buzzword or Revolution?

VR (and its younger brother, Augmented Reality) has all the earmarks of a fad. Is Virtual Reality just a gimmicky game setup that will go the way of the 1990s Furby? Is it this year’s fidget spinner? Or is it something a little bit more?

time 10 mins

How to choose the right tech for your mobile app development?

Releasing a new mobile application to its users requires you to go through the full product lifecycle: from conception to design, development, testing and finally deployment, there will be plenty of decisions to be taken. One of the most engaging is to decide which technology will power the App.

time 7 mins

Digital Project Manager, what does he do ?

The demand for Digital Project Managers (DPM) is booming. But what does a digital project manager actually do ? At Siclo, we often work with DPM and are ourselves involved with digital project management, so, we wanted to cast some light on the often challenging yet underrated role.

time 5 mins

My first steps with the Web AR

When I was asked to build AR prototype for a client, I was telling myself “AR what ?”. Augmented Reality (aka A.R)  is an experience where the user can interact with non-real objects in a real-world unlike Virtual Reality (aka VR) which is an experience where the user is immersed in a non-real world.

time 3 mins

Smart ULD and SITA finalist of 2019 Air Cargo Innovation Awards !

Good news! We are proud to announce that one of our project, Smart ULD, developed for our SITA client has been selected as a finalist in the 2019 IATA Air Cargo Innovation awards.

time 1 mins