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10 Common - but fatal- UX UI mistakes

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1 - Too much creativity, not enough usability

It can be tempting to think about creating a beautiful website first, but the main goal should always be to make it easy to handle for the users. If your focus is to make your homepage as pretty, shiny and visually impressive, there is a high risk that you will forget to make it intuitive, easy to understand in a few seconds for any of your users.



2 - Lack of responsiveness

A responsive design means that your website is just as adapted to mobile phones and tablets as it is to computers. Mobile phones are used for about half of web traffic nowadays ; a website could not afford to waste that much traffic by being unreadable or unusable by phone users.



3 - Unintuitive navigation

One of the key elements of your website is the navigation. Your users will have to move around your website, even if you only have a small number of different pages. Your menus should be easy to understand and quick to use; the disposition of the elements displayed on your screen should be clear and obvious. Basically, you need to place the elements your users expect to find where they expect to find them.



4 - Lack of content-testing

Although it is useful and practical to fill your pages with Lorem Ipsum and similar place-holders when you are designing it, it is crucial to remember that you have to test the pages with actual content - or measure your usual content so that your place holder is realistically-sized - or else you might have a bad surprise when the site goes live.



5 - Poor choice of fonts and/or contrast

The main goal of a text block on a website is usually to be read. This means that it has to be readable for everyone, and this rests on two factors: the font and the contrast. A common mistake is to use a font that is too thin, or write with a color too close to the background. A UX/UI designer also needs to account for color blind people.



6 - Uninviting CTAs

Your Call To Action buttons are your best weapons to raise your conversion rate. You want them to be as obvious, recognizable and appealing as possible. They should have a distinctive color, immediately appear as clickable. If they don’t stand out, you are shooting yourself in the foot.



7 - Intricate Contact Forms

Similar to your CTAs, your Contact Form needs to be as simple and obvious as possible. It is preferable for it to follow a straight path (top to bottom) with each block holding one line than a convoluted one (top left, then top right, then middle left, etc). 



8 - Lack of testimonial blocks

If you are selling something - anything - it is important to display what your customers think of you. The easier to find these testimonials are, the better; however, if they are not displayed at all, you miss an opportunity to comfort your potential customers into trusting you.



9 - Slow-loading page

Most people, when loading a website, are only willing to wait for a limited amount of time before giving up on the website. However, even if you stay in the tolerable zone, the longer each page takes, the less patient your users will be. The faster, the better. 



10 - Thinking like a designer


Last, but not least, the biggest and easiest mistake a UX/UI designer can commit while creating a website is to think like a designer - and forgetting to think like a user. You are designing for them, and that is the most important thing to keep in mind.


Aug 09 2019