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How to recognize bad code (infographic)

time 5 mins

Nowadays, programmers code faster than they ever have. However, this also means that the security norms and good practices cannot match that speed; security risks and mistakes are also more common than ever because of it.


Here at Siclo, we offer source code audit to evaluate the safety and the quality of your code. But how can one recognize a bad code? To help you with this, we have created an infographic showing ten telltale signs of bad codes. Bad code symptoms are like an iceberg; there is a part above the surface (symptoms that can be seen while using the website or the application) and a much, much bigger part under the surface (every mistake and malpractice that can be found in the source code).




This has been established by the expert programmers of Siclo and is a part of a much more elaborate checklist on which we base our audits. If you wish to benefit from one of our source code audits, please send us an e-mail at eric.llouquet@siclo-mobile.com !


Jun 20 2019