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UX & UI Design multi-platforms / Native development (iOS + Android) / Maintenance & evolutions


IOS + Android / Smartphone + Tablet

Project details

Large construction projects involve generally a lots of stakeholders (architects, contractors, engineers, electricians…) with the challenge to keep everyone up to date. AproPLAN is a solution that answer this challenge by making collaboration between stakeholders easy whether when in the office or on site with limited connectivity. The client approached us to redesign their existing iPad app and create its Android version to offer their solution to a wider market. This 1st step successfully completed, the client entrusted us with the re-development of their iOS app in Swift.


UI/UX design hours


IOS developpement hours


Android developpement hours


Maintenance & evolutions hours

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Iphone Tablet

Key features

Online & Offline modes (data synchronization)
Document management: viewer (multi-levels) & editor
Advanced issues creation & follow-up, User rights management


Active Android, Retrofit, SQLite, Moagrius TileView, Gson, Material Design


“We have entrusted the development of the Android version of our software to Siclo. Everything went like a dream: deadlines were met and the quality of the work is outstanding. Maxime and Nhu Y, our key interlocutors are responsive and very competent. We will not hesitate to use Siclo’s services again in the future”.

Renauld Lacroix, COO AproPLAN