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Horus Heritage


Leisure & Culture


UX research & development / Native development (Android, iOS) / Deployment support


iOS + Android / Smartphone + Tablet

Project details

Art pieces have an inestimable value and can be very fragile. Despite best people care they can be damaged during manipulation. Horus report is an application that allows to record the state of an object, document all visible damages with their nature and location and create detailed report that can be used for insurance purpose Our customer approached us to transform the concept into a successful application.


UI/UX design hours


IOS developpement hours


Android developpement hours


Maintenance & evolutions hours

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Key features

Create a collection of art pieces with pictures
Document and localize damages on pictures
Generate & share PDF reports with signature
In-app subscriptions


CoreData, Realm, PDFBox, XLForm


“Siclo did not only develop Horus Condition Report, but also advised us very usefully and intelligently during the entire project to help us make our product better and strengthen our business model. They understood our needs amazingly well, and offered an excellent service at a very competitive price. The team has alway been available, efficient and reliable. For all these reasons we highly recommend Siclo.“

Anais Gailhbaud, CO founder Horus Heritage