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Health Care


Development (Android) / Maintenance & evolutions


Android / Smartphone

Project details

Medeo is an application to improve medical monitoring for patients suffering from chronic diseases. This App is a mobile & IoT solution that enables healthcare professionals to remotely follow their patients who monitor their health with connected medical devices (Blood pressure, scale , Glucose meter) used at home. Medeo entrusted us with the full development of their solution, starting with validating the hardware used for monitoring.


Android developpement hours


Maintenance & evolutions hours

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Key features

IoT – BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connected medical devices
Personalized care protocols, notifications & alerts
Interoperability with hospital’s informations system
In-app chats & calls


MCloud SDK, Bluetooth-LE-Library Android, Retrofit, Realm, RxAndroid & RxJava, Sweet Alert Dialog


“The experienced team took the time to understand our IoT program, and figure out all of the needs and requirements. They built a strong working relationship during the project and their project management, communications, and bugs testing skills were appreciated.”

Rémi-Jean Berger, CEO, Medeo Health