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Trip On Demand


Leisure & Culture


Technical & functional design / UX & UI design / Development (iOS, Android) / Development front + back (Symfony 3) / Mai


iOS + Android Smartphone / Web

Project details

ToD is a social platform that connects tourists in search of an authentic sightseeing experience with local tour guides who organize on-demand visits. The application allows tourists to localize on a map guides available in their surroundings, check the visits they offer, as well as their profile and reviews. If interested, they can initiate a transaction and book a guide. We were approached to engineer the full solution supporting the service and take in charge the development of the native mobile applications, the backend/backoffice and web for both tourist and guides.


UI/UX design hours


IOS developpement hours


Android developpement hours


Web developpement hours

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Iphone Desktop

Key features

3rd party sign-in (Facebook, Google)
Online booking, purchasing via Braintree & in-app payments
Back-office to create activities + internal messaging


Braintree SDK, Google APIs, Push notifications / GCM, RESTful +/ Json web services / HTML 5 / CSS 3 / Php (Symfony 3) / jQuery / Bootstrap


“Working with Siclo team was a real pleasure and it is without hesitation that we will continue the adventure with them. They demonstrated outstanding flexibility and responsiveness and allowed us to build our project very effectively.”

Donovan Bridoux, CEO ToD