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The applications of AR and VR in today’s business (Infographic)

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Augmented Reality, or AR for short, superposes computer-generated images on the real world, creating a composite view for the user. It is “Augmented” because the computer elements are added to the reality.


Virtual Reality, or VR for short, entirely replaces the real world. A headset is needed to use it, which covers the user’s eyes and ears and immerses them into an entirely computer-generated world. 


These two technologies have many applications in business today, using their respective strengths and characteristics to provide a wide array of products, services and tools for many needs. Below, you can see some examples of this, through 8 use cases that are already released and usable.




This great number of possibilities is one of the many reasons we believe that AR and VR are innovative technologies which just begun their developments and are here to stay. As we explained it in this article https://www.siclo-mobile.com/augmented-virtual-reality-buzz-trend-or-revolution, these technologies are the future for games, applications, tools. They are tomorrow.


Jul 26 2019